Yobanism is a religion created by its prophet Eric Barone, whose genius dabbles in coding, music, and digital art. He is the creator of the divine masterpiece Stardew Valley.

The religion is monotheistic in nature, worshiping the deity Yoba.

Sacred texts


Here is the initial excerpt from the Book of Yoba, written in English by Eric Barone

Before time there was only the endless golden light. The light called out to itself...'Yoba'. Yoba wanted more. Yoba swirled the golden light into a vortex. Yoba swirled and swirled until a hole formed in the eye of the vortex. From this hole sprung a seed. Yoba smoothed the golden light. Yoba smoothed and smoothed, and the light became soil. Into this soil, Yoba planted the seed. The seed sprouted, and behold! A vine sprung skyward, twisting and probing, casting a writhing shadow onto the golden void. After 11 days, the vine bore fruit. Yoba, with knowing wisdom, peeled the tough skin off the fruit and saw that the world was inside. And so that is how the world came to be.


This is the same excerpt translated into Eganese by the language's creator, Tovo Kimyona.

Avan da tem, ti etris selan da lumjer dor. Da lumjer apelis at timem...'Yoba'. Yoba vulis plus. Yoba svirlis da lumjer dor en voratex. Yoba svirlis kaj svirlis ğuska un tro aparis en da oj de da voratex. De dis tro aparis un gren. Yoba lisis da lumjer dor. Yoba lisis kaj lisis, kaj da lumjer devenis ter. En dis ter, Yoba plantis da gren. Da gren pusis, kaj tada! Un vigno aparis verdasjel, tviste kaj probe, kaste un torde ombro sur da vojd dor. Apran onzo ğors, da vigno portis frujt. Yoba, kun save sağes, pelis da ryga po de da frujt kaj vis ke da Ter etris dedan. Kaj alor sela etras koman da Ter aparis.

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