Symbol of Wolfism

Wolfism is currently a loose doctrine designed to instill free thought and individualism while increasing unity. Its adherents are expected to seek civil rights improvements for all especially when in a position of privilege as long as it is done peacefully. Violence is frowned upon unless in order to save lives. Afterward, an adherent must help render aid to all wounded parties. There are no Deities in Wolfism save for the Earth itself. Therefore adherents must practice sound ecological policies wherever and whenever possible.

Commandments of Wolfism

  • These commandments are not in order of importance.
  1. Respect your Elders.
  2. Speak no ill for it may come true.
  3. Be compassionate to those younger than you.
  4. Treat outsiders with Dignity.
  5. Learn from your mistakes.
  6. Be true to yourself.
  7. Respect your mate(s).
  8. Trust in your family.
  9. Stand by your community.
  10. Remember nobody is perfect.

Teachers of Wolfism

The Founder of Wolfism is Andrew Allan Faulkner. He hopes that you will accept that he will not try to convert others and will only accept willing applicants. Simply seek to do what is listed in the commandments and you can be considered a Member in Good Standing. There is no power structure in this Faith, simply fellowship.

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