Voissentialism is the belief that the Universe is sustained by an inner-core, that must feed by using Black Holes to sustain itself. Without Black Holes, the Universe would be unstable, and would collapse in on itself. The Black Holes are our Universe's equivalent to the Earth's volcanoes, except that rather than pushing material outward through a volcano, the Core of the Universe pulls in energy.

Most scientists will tell you that Black Holes are regions in space, that are the consequences of cause and effect, a basic principle of classical physics. But Black Holes aren't just a consequence of cause and effect, because they serve a purpose, much like all matter and energy does! It is still yet unknown how the Core works, and how it exists. It is even still unknown how the Core affects the Universe.

  • Views of the afterlife (if any): The greatest possibility is that our energy will be recycled, much like all energy and matter are; matter cannot be created, nor can it be destroyed. We may even return to the Core.
  • Gods/ aliens/other supernatural/powerful beings (if any): The concept of any deity is within the bounds of the natural world, so the Core of the Universe is dependent on the material plane, much like the material plane is dependent on the Core.
  • Primary teachers/main people/prophets (if any): The person who coined the word, "Voissentialism", Joseph D. Smith, is high-functioning autistic, diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. He is also the founder of the theory.
  • Sacred sites/places of worship/holy ground (if any): All life, matter, and energy are held sacred, as all in the Universe are an interconnected web.
  • Texts and manuscripts/tenants/commandments (if any): The only tenet is that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and that every action we perform or every thought we have help fuel the Core, and the Core helps fuel our actions. The Universe is symbolically our manuscript.
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