Vigilo is Latin for Awake. Vigiloism, or Awakeism, is the belief that we are all part of a divine dream and our purpose is to awaken the Sleeping Being.


The universe is a reality to us and life is god manifested. Each of us are god only being manifested in every way possible. There are an infinite amount of us since the Sleeping Being's mind is infinite. We are only part of it's subcounscious.

The Sleeping Being can be awakened if everyone realizes and accepts the truth that no one and nothing is real, we are only an illusion of the Sleeping Being. Alternatively, we can create a universe within our imagination and selves that exists on a seperate plane from other realities formed by other people. This is called the Multiverse Effect.

We are all the samething and just need to Wake Up. Thus, every religion is both true and false. A Person that realizes this is an Awakened One. One that opens another's eyes is an Eye-Opener. The eye is an important symbol because of the subconscious need to be awakened. It is a hard truth for us to accept that nothing is really real, yet it is so. Spirits are the animation of the subconscious at work, while the physical is a manifestation of it.

Views on Morality

All people should respect and take care of all other life as we are all a part of the same mind. To hurt others is to only harm the Sleeping Being and thus only ourselves. War only causes the Sleeping Being or Sleeping One to go into further slumber, pushing us away from reality.

Being too attached to material things and being egoistic only further pushes the Sleeping One into sleep because we are convincing it that this is the real reality when it is not. Morals in themselves do not exist. But the universally accepted laws are that of the mind of the Sleeping one and are the rules that everyone traditionally knows.

The Universal Laws however are as follows:

  1. No one has the right to interfere with anothers life in a negative or harmful way
  2. Slef improvement and enlightenment is necessary
  3. Anyone can believe what they want so long it does not interfere with others beliefs
  4. Anyone can be what they want, wear what they want, listen to what they want
  5. All sexual orientations are to be accepted and people can marry who they so choose
  6. Respect for yourself, others, and nature is essential
  7. Do not force Vigiloism on a person. People who don't believe it are only those in denial about reality
  8. Accept everyone for who they are. We are all the same person.

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