aka Ethan Tyler Reilly

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  • I live in Greenfield, WI
  • I was born on July 23
  • My occupation is Disabled
  • I am Male
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The Five Elements Symbol

The Five Elements Symbol

Hi. My name is Ethan Tyler Reilly and I am trying to create a religion based off of the philosophy of extropy. It is called Exaltism. I created the Guide on Religion Creation page to help people brainstorm ideas and concepts for their faiths. I've also had a hand on the creation of the List of religions that the Wikia administrator later sanctioned.

My favorite pages

I have made multiple pages regarding NRMs I'm interested in. Exaltism is my own philosophy, Right Reason is my friend's religion, and Terasem is a NRM I tried to get into. I also made a page for the newly-formed transhumanist NRM, the Turing Church. Links:

Also, I've had a heavy influence on the Washingtonism page.

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