The United Agnostic Church (UAC) is an organisation that focuses primarily on the possible existence of God or multiple gods. The United Agnostic Church practices congregation to study the Bible, the Torah, and other holy texts. The followers are essentally a community for Agnostics and Atheists alike, and members meet on online forums created by their pastors. They are one of the first online churches, bringing the convienience and warmth of church to a person's home or office.

Philosophy and teachings


The UAC strives to unite all Agnostics, and to have civilized debates over the existence of God. They are known to believe in virtue over all.


In order to become a member of the UAC, a person must pledge your allegiance to the Church and agree to be baptised, a theoretical cleansing of one's sins. All members are encouraged to participate in Bible Study, and debate for or against the existence of one or more deities. 


The UAC has a hierarchy which consist of members, senior members, pastors, and the head pastor. Members are those who have joined the church while senior members are seasoned and respected members who've devoted themselves to the organization and spent over a year within the church. Pastors host congregations and manage the church. They ensure that no hateful debates spark up within the church, and are capable of giving and taking away membership. The head pastor appoints all other pastors, and keeps the church under control.

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