Ullist Star, a symbol representing every religion coming together (syncretism)

Ullism is a syncretic religion where its adherents, the Ullists, are free to worship any deity. Its adherents are both theists and nontheists who are united by the belief that there is no 'end of the world'.

Basic beliefs

Ullists are taught to be pacifists. If a Ullist is involved within a conflict, they are believed to be disrespecting the religion. They do however have exceptions such as self-defense or accidents.


Ullists meditate to clear the mind and soul of any negative energy which has been absorbed throughout the day. They believe in two forms of energy -- positive and negative.


Ullism has over a million deities within their pantheon. Adherents are free to worship whichever deity they choose, thus, hinting to the faith of a henotheistic religion. Ullists believe that they may worship any deity, whether good or bad. 

Religious scripture

Ullism permits the reading of any religious scripture, however, they have their own scripture called "A Ullist's Guide to Ullism."

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