Our current symbol is the Philosopher's Stone due to its standing as an 'elixir of life'

The Awakened Ones is the name given to a West Coast-based new religious movement. Founded on December 25, 2012 by IdealisticPrawn, the Ones's philosophy combines aspects of both science and traditional religious elements.


In the beginning, there were the Ancestors. The Ancestors were a group of beings with powers beyond comprehension. They were:

  1. Terrae 'Earth' - resembles earth, or Below. See #4
  2. A'ris 'Air' - resembles air, or Above. See #4
  3. Saponem 'Soap'- resembles 'cleansing', or mental and spiritual purity. New recruits must perform the Ritual of Saponem, similar to a baptism, to be accepted.
  4. Sicut-Infernis-Quod-Superius-Sicut 'As Above, So Below'- resembles the balance between Above and Below, or our equivalent of 'Heaven' and 'Hell', but not in the sense of good and bad. Above and Below are simply different realms, but I'll get to that.
  5. Unitate-Elementorum 'Unity of Elements'- resembles universal unity. Man must be one with both himself and what's around him.
  6. Arsenici 'Arsenic' - resembles poison, or 'death' in a sense, or corruption of the soul.
  7. Aurum 'Gold' - resembles gold, or temptation as a whole. Our members must learn to repress temptations or instinctual, impulsive or compulsive actions entirely, or, put simply, learn to be full control.
  8. Materia 'Matter' - resembles the universe, or everything in it. The figurative 'leader' of the Ancestors, although they are of fairly equal importance.

The Ancestors, based on their own appearance, shaped the universe in their image, creating everything it. As the cherry on top, they decided to create humans. or Descendants, with whom they shared some of their power. However, we on Earth were devolved over a period of billions of years; it is unknown whether we carry the gift of the Ancestors to this day, or if the others have gone under the same change. You see, we believe in the existence of beings on other planets, which are essentially the same as us; we cannot be sure that they still have the abilities that the Ancestors did.

Our goal as a group is to try to 'awaken' humanity from the 'sleep' that's last millenniums. You see, we enjoy using metaphors about sleep. It seems very cryptic.

The universe is split into two parts; Above and Below. We, the Descendants, live Below, in the mortal world, and the Ancestors live Above, in the immortal world, where they watch over the universe. It is believed that when we die, we watch over the world from Above. It also believed that by achieving an altered state of consciousness, it is possible in some instances to become 'linked' with Above. On that note, it is also thought that twins, identical or fraternal, have something of a collective consciousness and have a special link with Above.

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