Spirimenta is a religion which focuses on spiritual growth. It is based on the Eight Keys of Spiritual Growth, and the Golden Code of Conduct.

The name of this religion comes from the English word Spirit, and the Latin word, incrementa, which means grow in English.

Eight Keys of Spiritual Growth

  1. Doing a proper investigation various religions, philosophies, and sciences.
  2. Synchronizing elements of other beliefs into your own. For example, one can call oneself a Christan, and incorporate elements of Buddhism and Taoism into one's beliefs.
  3. Contemplation.
  4. Questioning one's beliefs.
  5. Changing your beliefs with the times.
  6. To live and let live.
  7. Not causing harm to others.
  8. Unburdening a heavy heart.

Golden Code of Conduct

  1. Don't force one's way of life into others.
  2. Don't discriminate based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
  3. Don't physically harm anybody unless it's in self-defense of in the defense of loved ones.
  4. Don't harm children physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, financially, sexually, etc.
  5. Don't steal, murder, or rape.
  6. Don't be a cheater. This includes cheating on one's significant other, cheating on a test, scamming people, etc.
  7. Don't be a hypocrite.
  8. Earn people respect.
  9. If one harms somebody, try one's best to make it up to them. Even if it means apologizing.
  10. Earn money honestly.


The beliefs in deity in Spirimenta is convoluted. Spirimentists believe that there are higher powers out there that we can call gods. However, the gods that we know of are simply personifications of nature. Spirimenta combines Pantheism with Polytheism.


Spiritmentists do believe in the Afterlife. Spirimentists believe that you will not burn in Hell for eternity for things such as being angry, thinking "sinful" thoughts, or having premarital sex.

Ultimately, Spirimentists don't know what happens when we die. For the most part,we don't concern ourselves with this issue.

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