Soulism is the belief that the Soul is the base of all existance, and all it wishes for is to pursue all there is about life.

Basic Views

·         Recognition of Life

o   All that life is.  The different ways that life can present itself.  Where life can be found.  When life starts and when life ends.  Understanding that perfection is impossible, but imperfections are perfect in itself.  Recognizing that life is meant to be lived with positive and negative emotions.  You don’t have to love everybody, but you have to give everybody the recognition that they are a part of life, and no better or worse than yourself.

·         How Life Came to Be

o   Understanding that there is no proof of a god’s existence or not.  General understanding that the big bang and evolution are correct.  Accepting those who believe in a god and those who do not.  Whether you choose to believe a god created the big bang and set up the system or if there was not a god involved is up to the individual, and the decision should be open for discussion without being scrutinized.

·         The Soul

o   The base of all existence.  Each soul is unique and carries different distinct personality components, called Soul Traits, that affect how the spirit will form on a minor level and affect the purpose of the next life.  The Soul has all the memories from previous lives and is able to choose how it wants to live its next life.  The soul is gender neutral.  All souls are the same, no matter what form of life it is presented in.  Souls do have a mind and are conscious even when they are without any form of life.  The Soul cannot be affected by other life, but is affected by the Spirit at the end of each lifetime.

·         The Spirit

o   The Spirit is the current life.  The spirit is not born until the form of life is born.  Some Spirits are stronger and more prominent than others, such as: a human has a stronger spirit than a tree would have.  The Spirit forms over time, and is never completely done forming until the Spirit dies.  Once the Spirit dies, the form of life dies.  The personality of the Spirit is greatly affected by the current life, but the core values are based on the Soul and the Soul Traits at the center of the Spirit.  The Spirit does have a gender, but that is not necessarily based on the anatomical gender.  The Spirit can be affected by other life.  Once the Spirit dies, it leaves a trait behind with the Soul and is carried on in later lifetimes. 

·         Reincarnation

o   The Soul, when not tied to a Spirit or a life form, resides in a place called The Calm.  It is a location that is neither good or bad.  It is a neutral location that allows the Soul to rest and heal after having formed a new Soul Trait and reflect on all previous lives.  While in The Calm, the Soul reunites with the Soul Mate and together they choose when and where the next life shall occur.  The Soul carries all Soul Traits to the next life, and develops a new Soul Trait with the life.  While the Spirit dies with every life, memories that helped form a Soul Trait can carry on into the next lifetime, and this is why there are memories of past lives.  The Soul also recognizes moments that are similar to a past life, and that is why there would be a instinctual love for something.  For example, a Soul that was a fish in a past life and is now a human may instinctually love to swim or love being in the water.  Souls are able to communicate via energy and share experiences.  When a Soul and its Soul Mate are done with the reincarnation cycle, they rejoin together and become a pure energy.  They spend any amount of time together before the energy separates.  The Souls are only able to join when they are complete Souls, but the completion does not last forever, and so they are split once more.  Once split, the Souls restart the reincarnation cycle over, but without any Soul Traits.  A negative Soul has the opportunity to become good and vise versa.  The process is called Rebirth.

·         Spirit Guides and Soul Mates

o   Spirit Guides and Soul Mates are essentially the same thing.  While in The Calm, a Soul Mate is the only other Soul that shares the exact same energy.  If both Soul Mates decide to return to life, they are considered Soul Mates in life as well.  Soul Mates are the spiritual form of unconditional love, not of romantic love.  A Soul Mate can be found in a close friend, a pet, or a romantic partner.    Soul Mates choose to experience life together, but in no way does it mean that they are bound to be romantically together.  The Spirits of the Soul Mates may not have the same type of energy, and they may even have competing energies, but the Souls share the same energy, and so the Soul Mates will always find themselves back to each other.  Soul Mates do not have to die at the same time, but when one dies earlier than its counterpart, it stays with the Soul Mate and is then called a Spirit Guide until the Spirit of the Soul Mate dies.  When the Soul returns to life, but the other Soul does not, it is considered a Spirit Guide.  A Soul will follow its Soul Mate throughout its life and help guide it even though it has not returned to life.  It becomes a guide to the Spirit, and provides a never ending form of love, acceptance, and direction.

·         Morals and Ethics

o   Never judge.  Always be open minded to others and their thoughts.

o   Always listen and be willing to understand another’s viewpoint without giving up personal viewpoints.

o   Never stand in the way of somebody who is following their beliefs unless it contradicts personal beliefs.

o   Love is love, no matter where it is found.  There should be an understanding that there are different kinds of love.

o   While love is love, romantic love should be limited to the same species of the current life.

o   Marriage of romantic love is not bound by any rules, but the ceremony should enforce the idea that the two Spirits involved in the union are committed to discovering all life has to offer and they are promising to do so together.

o   Never deny another’s right to marriage as long as it correctly follows the definition of romantic love.

o   Life begins when the Soul chooses its next life, but the Spirit that is helping bring the next Soul into life has the final say on how and if the birth should happen.

o   Never sacrifice the pursuit of life and personal purpose for another, unless that other is the Soul Mate or the romantic love that has been bound by marriage.

·         Purpose

o   The purpose of a certain lifetime is decided by the Soul before the life begins.  It is up to the Spirit to search and find the personal meaning of life and what the Soul had intended when life began.

·         Free Will

o   Everybody has the opportunity to make decisions, and the Soul have very little to do with the process.  The Soul gives the Spirit the opportunity to live, and in turn learns from what the Spirit has lived.

·         Good and Evil

o   Souls that are positive and Souls that are negative are at a constant battle with one another.  Positive Souls are called Bright Souls and negative Souls are called Dark Souls.  All Souls have the capability to hold positive and negative Soul Traits, but if there are more negative, the Soul is a Dark Soul, and if there are more positive, the Soul is a Bright Soul.  Soul Mates, while sharing the same energy, can contrast.  While there is still the unconditional love of the Soul Mate, the Souls can battle because one is a Bright Soul and one is a Dark Soul.  This not always the case, but it is common.

·         Guide

o   A Guide is a person who is in tune with their Soul and can lead others in the direction that best fits with the other’s Soul and Spirit.  Nobody has a connection to a god, or lack thereof, but has a connection with the Soul.  Those that have the special awareness of the Soul and the capability to learn from the Soul are able to become a Guide.  They assist others into their discovery of life and help lead in the practice of the faith.

o   All Souls are equal, and that is stressed, but Guides are just helping the Spirits along the way.  The Head Guide helps all of the Guides in their pursuit of life, but also allows others to guide them.

·         Rituals and Practice

o   At the beginning of the year, a celebration of life is to occur.

o   Life is very important, and a birthday must be celebrated in a way that the Spirit deems fit.

o   While attending a church is not mandatory, speaking to a Guide every now and then is encouraged, but self discovery is done best when not restricted to the bounds of a church.

o   When speaking to others about the Soulism faith, act as a Guide, but never force somebody.  If they are curious beyond what you can answer, refer them to your guide.

The Guide


Life is all that we know.  There is life all around us and life within us.  Life extends far beyond what we can comprehend and what we would ever want to comprehend, but it is there.  It is everywhere, and we came to this planet to experience what life has to offer and learn from it any way that we can.  We can and we should learn from all life, because we are life as well.  We must discover that life is not as perfect as it could be, but that perfection is found in the imperfections.

Life is meant to be lived, and we specifically came to this planet to live that life.  Positive emotions are not always good, and negative emotions are not always bad.  Life is only considered good when there is an equal mix of the positive and the negative emotions.  Life will not always present itself in a positive light, but it is up to us to determine how it will affect us and how we will grow from it.

The most important thing to understand is that all life is on an equal plane, and in no situation should there be any discrimination on another form of life.  One should always understand that life is precious, and nobody is better or worse than another.  There are elders and those that deserve respect, but all deserve the same amount of respect.  Understand that there are social classes, but that does not determine the spiritual standings of each other.  All life is the same and all life should be treated with respect.

Everybody has the right to choose how they wish to live their lives, but they should choose a way of life that gives respect to others and how they wish to live their lives.  Some choices are small, and some are large.  Some require assistance and some do not.  Always be willing to present personal viewpoints and always be willing to help if needed.

Relationships are special, and should always be treasured, even if the relationship is a negative one.  Everything that happens in life happens for a purpose, and whether that purpose is know is irrelevant.  It is important to remember that life is to be experienced, the good and the bad.  The disagreements and the agreements.

No matter what somebody else thinks, one should always respect another’s opinion on any subject.  On the topic of god, one should not only respect the opinion, but also be willing to listen to the other’s ideas and accept them with open arms.  This does not mean sacrificing personal beliefs, but it does mean respecting the other life form enough to not judge them because they are different than oneself.

          All should make one of three choices when it comes to the presence of a god.  The first is that there is a god and he created the big bang and created evolution.  The second is that there is no god and the big bang happened some other way.  The third is to admit that there is no way of knowing, and accepting both viewpoints.

            The matter of evolution is a tricky one, but it has been a proven fact.  Admitting that evolution is how we, as humans, came to be is the first step to discovering what true spirituality is.  All should accept the viewpoint of evolution, but never discriminate against those that do not believe in evolution.  We all owe everybody that much respect.

            As humans, we experience a whirlwind of emotion.  No matter what we do or what we say, we find that our heart is somehow fully committed.  Committed to honesty or the opposite.  Committed to survival or greed.  Committed to love or hate.  Whatever the heart is committed to allows for the growth of the Spirit, an energy that is formed while we live and never stops growing.  The Spirit does not start to form until a few months after birth, but it starts flourishing immediately.  It grows with an intensity that cannot be matched by anything we are able to understand.  The Spirit is who we are.  The memories of our pasts and the dreams of our future.  The good and the bad of our personalities.  The Spirit is not completely bound by the physical body, and it can occasionally leave the body, but it should always return because it could perish without the stability of the body.  The Spirit is not formed with a gender, but it develops its own gender after time, and this gender does not have to match the physical body.  When the life form dies, so does the Spirit, and all of the experiences are melded together to create a Soul Trait that is left behind with the Soul.  Memories are tied to the Soul Trait and they may be accessed by the Soul at any time, and they may be occasionally accessed by later lifetimes.  Soul Traits can determine if the next life is good or bad, but it never determines if the Spirit will be good or bad.

            The keeper of the Soul Traits is the Soul, the base of all existence and the purest form of energy.  There are more Souls than there are stars in the universe.  Souls are not defined by anything other than their love of life.  All they wish for is to experience life as many times as they possibly can.  They have an infinite knowledge of everything that exists in the universe.  When a soul decides to return to life, they choose what form of life to live, and then enter the world of that their form of life resides.  Life begins once the Soul enters the world, but it is up to the Spirit assisting the Soul with entering the world whether that Soul actually does enter the world.  No matter what a certain Spirit decides, it does not deem the Spirit fit for any kind of negative reaction from other Spirits. If a Spirit decides that they cannot or will not bring the Soul into the world, the Soul simply moves onto another Spirit in the same world.  Once the Soul is in the form of life, they do not affect that life whatsoever except for the presence of the Soul Traits, which will influence the personality of the Spirit.

            Once the Spirit perishes and leaves behind the Soul Trait, the Soul returns to a place that is calm, void of all extreme negativity and extreme positivity.  It takes the memories it has experienced and shares them with other Souls through an energy based communication.  Souls can recommend certain forms of life for the next lifetime, but there is no time limit before a Soul returns to life.

            The Soul shares an exact energy with another Soul, and that Soul is called its Soul Mate.  Soul Mates provide unconditional love and a never ending desire to make the other a more complete form of energy.  Soul Mates choose when and when not to enter into life again.  If both Souls decide to enter into life, they choose their own form of life.  Soul Mates can enter into different forms of life, but this does not constitute a romantic love, which can only be found in the same species that the Soul decided to live.  Romantic love is between Spirits, but, as long as in the same species, Soul Mates can become a romantic love.  Love is love, and it is understood that there are different kinds of love.  It is important to never stand in the way of those engaged in a romantic love to become married as long as they are what constitutes as a romantic love.  .  It is also important to never let anything stop the pursuit of life unless it is to make the romantic love or the Soul Mate happy, and it should be stressed during a marriage that the two Spirits are committing themselves to each other for life, and also committed to discovering all life has to offer together.  Soul Mates do not die at the same time, but they both return to the Calm together.  Once a Soul’s form of life perishes, the Soul stays behind and becomes a temporary Spirit Guide, making sure the Soul Mate still has an unconditional love.

            If a Soul Mate does not decide to enter into life, but the other does, the Soul Mate becomes a Spirit Guide, and helps the Soul through its life.  This does not mean that the Spirit of the Soul Mate will never find love, it means that they will never find a living Soul Mate, because their Soul Mate has always been with them.  To discover if a Soul Mate has not entered into life, it requires the Spirit to be completely calm and the energy of the Soul to be accessed.  The Soul can feel the energy of the Soul Mate or Spirit Guide.  The Spirit Guide also appears in dreams and other like states.  The Spirit Guide takes on a form of life that is from the world that the Soul entered, as not to frighten the Spirit.  The Spirit Guide acts as a second conscious for the Spirit, and gives small signs that allows the Spirit to experience all it can before death.  While the Soul is genderless, it takes on a gender and a name for the Spirit to more easily identify.

            After a numerous amount of lives and the Soul Mates decision that they are complete, the Souls rejoin to a single energy.  They create an energy that is on a cosmic level and is too intense for the Calm to handle for too long.  Eventually, they split again, and become Souls that are void of any Soul Traits or memories of previous lives because the Souls are essentially new Souls.

            Those that have accessed their Soul and have a higher sense of spirituality are considered Guides.  They are a person who can make sure the Spirit follows what they really think, and offer an insight into their Soul.  Guides are strong spiritually, and never judge others based on their personal choices, and often have a fascination of others opinions and decisions.  However, everybody should be a guide to those who are curious of personal beliefs.  Never be afraid to talk to others because that is what constitutes living and discovering new things.

            Life is what we all strive for, and it is important to celebrate important milestones in life, such as the beginning of the year and a birthday, in a way that is important to the Spirit.  Celebrate all there is to life and understand that life is about the ups and the downs, and all should be cherished.  As long as somebody lives to discover all they can about being alive, there is no reason to not celebrate life.

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