Symbol of Proeliumism

Proeliumism is a religion that believes the world is becoming more and more atheistic and profane and it must be changed. Proeliumism advocates everyone must have connection with the divine and become divine and fight all profane and people who want to kill religion and spirituality, such as atheists, mainly new atheists actually does. Proeliumism is considered as a pantheist religion at its core, since it believes the divine is in everyone and in everywhere and in everyone. Proeliumism believes the ones who have more connection with the divine should unite themselves in order to turn everyone into divine, and it might also use elements of divinialism and deistology in order to reach its goals.

Proeliumism comes from Proelium, that means combat in Latin, proeliumism believes there's a permanent struggle between the divine and the profane where the profane is trying with all costs, to separate itself from the divine, it's basically a mix of pantheism and duotheism, since the profane is also part of the divine but want to separate of the divine with all costs. A good example of that, according to proeliumism is the atheists, mainly new atheists, trying to kill spirituality and religion with all costs using science, neuroscience, psychology and psychiatry for do so, mainly telling religion and spirituality and its experiences are delusions, mental illnesses, psychological tricks and so on, and this, according to proeliumism is the biggest example of how the profane is taking over the world. Proeliumism advocates this must be countered such as all other forms of the profane itself.

Proeliumism advocates everyone who is divine or religious or spiritual or esoteric or who is a proeliumism must prepare oneself spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally to counter the profane and all its forms, where this fight can be by peaceful ways or by aggressive ways (war), but always prefering peaceful ways such as dissemination of the divine word, peaceful campaigns against the profane, promotion of ideas such as deistology and divinialism and so on.

Proeliumism believes that one day, after massive fighting against the profane, the profane will finally understand he is also part of the divine, and he is going to coexist and even be friends with the divine, and the existence will finally be peaceful and everyone will finally become highly evolved and even the profane one will become into divine ones.