The Paxvirtualis Pantheon is a religion founded in 2014. It's basic laws are to not harm, treat the Universe as one, and respect and love the past.

Basic Beliefs

They believe that the gods created humans through evolution. Its said that just as man isn't perfect, neither are the gods. Perfection doesn't exist and each deity is symbolized by what they do. Paladins believe in reincarnation, long-term karma, and hold the identity of only one god.


A Well-Drawn image of a Crow, similar to what Luke imagined Mecet like.


Mecet is the god of death, birth, and karma. He is symbolized as a crow. Whenever a soul dies, it is reincarnated into a Crow. Because of life-time karma, all of their debts are paid, so there is no heaven or hell.

After being a crow, they can choose to live as another being. Followers of this god are called "Mecatians". The founder, Luke, clings to this god more than others of the Pantheon.

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