Operbowism is a religion based on love. In the worldview of this faith, there are deities and other beings of higher grades than that of a human.

Philosophy and teachings

Core beliefs

In this faith, the creation of the world isn't mentioned by a deity nor can any words describe it. This is called Schusswarch. After the moment the god created the universe, all substances are formed infinite. All substances are made up by other  tiny substances in a complicacy way, and the bigger one formed by the smaller one. God is the only entity. Humans and other form of life were created in the time after world and substances were appeared.

After the god finished all creation, humans are widespread in the Onigma (Original Planet that every life were living). Humans learnt much knowledge and skills from the god. People formed villages and shared the food they had found or planted. People lived in simple homes of dirt and grass.


The religion believes in a supreme deity called Oper the God, or simply OTG. Oper told operbowists he loved everything. This deity shared love and power to people and anything. Its believed love formed power, and power and love formed everything.

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