Olympianism is a polytheistic religion that involves the physical and mental association with sports. Those who follow the religion are required to maintain knowledge of the sports world as well as attempt in some way, shape, or form to the Olympics. 

Philosophy and teachings


According to beliefs there are two stories of creation. The first centers around the creation of the gods and the earth. The second centers around the creation of Olympians, humans, and spreading Olympianism. 


The founders have created a religious hierarchy of their clergy. The highest are the gods who are worshipped. Olympic committees and coaches are deemed as sacred and similar to ministers. Olympians and judges are declared the saints of the religion. Spectators are considered the average followers and believers of Olympianism. 


Olympians believe the Book of Olympians is their sacred text. The core belief that is expressed by the Book of Olympians is that people must continually contribute more Olympians until the gods are pleased with the amount of competition that they can bring back to heaven. They declare people will never know when this time will be. After this time does indeed come, the cycle will start over when life will again walk on earth when new competition will be wanted by the gods.

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