Nobanism is a religion that venerates Nobah as the Prophet of God. Followers of Nobanism are called Nobans. The holy scripture of Nobanism is Numbers 32:42, the passage in the Bible that tells of Nobah's great achievement: conquering the city of Kenath and renaming it after himself.

Nobans believe in Mogen (pronounced MO-gen), the god of protection. Nobans believe that Mogen protects righteous cities and destroys sinful ones. So Nobans encourage each other not to be sinful, or Mogen will no longer protect their city.

According to Noban legend, Nobah set up a sacred pillar to Mogen in the middle of his city, signifying the city's righteousness.

Modern Nobans set up camps in poor places such as Mali and Sudan, giving away free water. They also give away scrolls containing Numbers 32:42 in an attempt to indoctrinate the poor people. According to surveys, 60% of scrolls are thrown away by the poor people. The Noban camps also give away clothes that have the Noban symbol of God, the shield with a cross on it.

List of Noban sins

*Arrogance *Not believing in Mogen *Murder *Rape *Destroying Mogen's sacred pillars *Cursing using Mogen or Nobah's name *Being rude/disrespectful to ministers and/or priests *Destroying/discarding the Holy Letter (Numbers 32:42) *Rejecting Nobah as the Ultimate Prophet *Judging others *Not reading the Holy Letter on the Sabbath

List of Noban virtues

*Modesty *To indoctrinate others to Nobanism *To have faith in Mogen *To bow down to sacred pillars that represent Mogen *To be respectful to priests and/or ministers *To read the Holy Letter on the Sabbath *To accept Nobah as the Ultimate Prophet