The NewReligionWiki likes to keep its articles and information clean and correct. This is because all content here is governed by a standard of quality. Some of the standards include encyclopedic quality, editorial approach, and content copyright (as we do not endorse the so-called copy-paste both from other wikis and Wikipedia). Content that is capable of abiding by these standards can usually be improved upon by editing. However, when content is incapable of meeting inclusion criteria or is in breach of site policy, it is unfortunately deleted. You have to remember, however, that when an article is deleted, the article and its revision history are removed from view, which means that it can be restored at any time. Unlike page blanking, which can be done by any user (and which is generally followed by an automatic deletion, if the "blanker" is the creator of the page), deletion can only be done by administrators.


There is a process for deleting articles on the NewReligionWiki. The main process is putting a deletion template on the article for the following reasons:

  1. Pure vandalism that was created in attempt to harm the site, including redirected created from page moves.
  2. Patent nonsense and gibberish pages that contain no meaningful content. 
  3. Test pages created by new users experimenting with the wiki. 
  4. Redlink saviors, pages that contain only a few words and are made just to "cover" a "red link".
  5. Author request, but only if it can harm the privacy of someone, generally this happens with articles about people. If people simply just want their articles deleted for no valid purpose, then they will not be deleted.
  6. Attack pages that serve no useful purpose but to assault their subject.
  7. Copyright infringements.
  8. Emergency actions. Administrators can speedily delete pages temporarily in response to potential legal problems or exceptional controversy.
  9. Spam images.
  10. Non-existent users having user pages.

Proposed deletion

Proposing a deletion is a process which occurs when a user adds the deletion template onto a article. They explain the reason for its deletion on the talk page and an administrator reviews the proposal. If it meets the requirement of deletion, the article shall be deleted.

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