The NewReligionWiki Content Policy is a policy which states what belongs on the wiki and what does not.

Article content

  • Articles must be written in proper English.
  • Articles must be in accordance with Wikia's Terms of Use.
  • Articles are to be regarded as finished after posting, unless they are marked as a work in progress. Work in progress articles are to be protected for seven days only from poor quality deletion.
  • Articles must be strictly religious, afterall this is an encyclopedia about religions.
    • Any articles not based on religions or on a religious organization shall be deleted. Articles that are merely made for a laugh are also candidates for deletion. The decision to not remove the article depends solely on the administration team.
  • Any articles containing spam or blanked shall be removed from the encyclopedia with or without warning by our administrators.
  • The NewReligionWiki is not a directory.
  • Features like slideshows, galleries and videos should not be placed in an article about a religion or religious organization.
  • Articles are not your own personal websites! Do not write them like so (do not write in first or second person). We are an online encyclopedia, not a web-hosting service. We also want our information to be encyclopediac.
  • Articles must be written in an encyclopediac format that are in agreement with the article content section of the content policy.

Article names

Article names must be religious-specific. No general article names should be used for a religious-specific article.

  • General article names should be used as lists or disambiguation pages.
  • General article names are considered to be, for example : religion, church of ..., ... temple, etc.
  • In case the article is named in such a way, name of the religion related to the content of the article.
  • Article names must represent the content of the article.
  • Articles can be renamed withount prior warning. This action can be discussed afterwards.

Article management

  • Article management is a concept which guarantees that the creator of the article or a contributor cannot remove any content added by any user. The only content which can be removed are biased facts, dubious information, and/or vandalism.
    • However you cannot revert the edits made by an Administrator or Wikia.
  • Furthermore, you can not revert edits approved by an administrator, regardless of their author.


  • General fixes (genfixes) - includes fixing typos, reconstructions, adding infoboxes, removing "The" in the article heading, etc. - without changing the meaning of the content.
  • Adding warning templates (delete, improve, etc) - to prevent template wars, new template of this type should not be added within the official removal by the sysop team within seven days. If the article content has changed by a large margin, new warning template can be added immediately.
  • Proper references - references to related content, preferably by a third party. Please use references in the Wikipedia style. Remember, properly referencing your article does not mean dubious claims may not be removed!
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