Neo-Paxism, or Universal Neo-Paxism (Neo- ''New'' Pax ''Peace''; New Pacifism) is a monotheistic religion founded in 2017 . Neo-Paxism is based on living a peaceful life . Neo-Paxism does not have a sacred book, but Neo-Paxists, or Followers of Neo-Paxism, obey the 4 Great Commandments .

Neo-Paxism is a monotheistic religion . Neo-Paxists believe in a Supreme Being, whom they call The Lord of Peace . Neo-Paxists also believe that there is only One God, who is manifested in many animate, inanimate, tangible or intangible beings; for example, The Lord of Peace can be manifested in nature, or in a human being, but The Lord of Peace is especially manifested in peace, and in peacemakers . </nowiki>


Neo-Paxism comes from the word ''Neo-'' which means ''new'', and ''Pax'', which means ''peace'' in Latin .


Neo-Paxism was founded in the fall of 2017 when Sam Ram R. C. was meditating and suddenly had a divine revelation; The Goal of Humanity is to live in harmony and peace . 

Sam Ram R. C. decided to create a religion were achieving True Peace is possible with obeying only 4 simple steps . Sam named these steps ''The 4 Great Commandments''. 

The number of Neo-Paxists is unknown, but Sam Ram R. C. believes that anyone who lives a peaceful lifestyle is a Neo-Paxists. Therefore, some people that practice the Bahá'í Faith, Buddhism, Christianity and Jainism are considered to be Neo-Paxists .  


Neo-Paxism is considered to be a Monotheistic Religion. Nevertheless, Atheists and Agnostics can join the religion, as long as they practice True Peace and the 4 Great Commandments.

Sam R. R. C. once quoted:

''Anybody that believes in Pacifism (Neo-Paxism), and the 4 Great Commandments can ... join the religion of Neo-Paxism and can be proud to be a Neo-Paxist .''
Neo-Paxists also believe that The Lord of Peace was manifested in people such as Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, and Mohammed. Neo-Paxists believe that Allah and YHWH are simply manifestations of the Lord of Peace .

The 4 Great Commandments

Neo-Paxists believe in the 4 Great Commandments and obey them at all times. These are The 4 Great Commandments :

1 . Be peaceful towards all living beings always . Be kind to all living beings .

2 . Do not kill or harm any living creature in any way .

3 . Do good action (karma) . For e.g., do not kill, lie, steal, consume drugs or intoxicants, and do not fornicate.

4 . Have a good character. For e.g., be peaceful, kind, good, honest, humble, thankful, respectful, responsible, patient, and generous.


To officially join Neo-Paxism, one must say the Neo-Paxist Creed. This is the Neo-Paxist Creed :

Neo-Paxist creed (If you believe in The Lord of Peace [God]) :

I promise to do my best to bring peace to the world, as our Leader Sam Ram R. C., the founder of Neo- Paxism, commanded us to do . I also promise to do my best obeying the 4 Great Commandments . And I also promise to do my best honoring The Lord of Peace (God) always. Let it be so.

Neo-Paxist creed (If you are an atheist or an agnostic) :

I promise to do my best to bring peace to the world, as our Leader Sam Ram R. C., the founder of Neo- Paxism, commanded us to do . I also promise to do my best obeying the 4 Great Commandments . Let it be so.


It is best if one washes his/her hands before saying the Creed, for in doing so, you are showing respect to The Lord of Peace (If you believe in God) or Peace itself (If you are an atheist or an agnostic) .

Creation of the Universe

Neo-Paxism teaches that the Creation of the Universe is unexplainable; only The Lord of Peace or Peace itself can uunderstand it . However, some Neo-Paxists believe that The Lord of Peace created the Universe .

Logo of Neo-Paxism

The Logo of Neo-Paxism is the following photo.


It represents a dove of peace, and a hand doing the peace sign.

Neo-Paxism and LGBT

Neo-Paxists believe that there is nothing wrong with the LGBT movement, as long as everything is done with peace and harmony.


In Neo-Paxism, all people can marry; but married people cannot divorce, for divorce is anti-neo-paxist.

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