Nehushtanism is a religion that worships Nehushtan, a bronze serpent built by Moses in the Book of Numbers. The idol of the serpent was destroyed by king Hezekiah in the Second Book of Kings. Hezekiah is considered an evil man in Nehushtanist culture.

Moses founded the religion when he built the bronze serpent that healed people in Numbers 21. However, the people continued to worship the snake (Nehushtan) and burn incense to him. Moses did not intend this. A few centuries later, king Hezekiah destroyed the idol of Nehushtan.

Nehushtan has been worshiped since word spread of Nehushtan through the Old Testament in Europe and west Asia.

Shrinekeepers throughout Europe, west Asia, and North America worship idols of Nehushtan (usually a picture of him or a Schleich snake figurine). They worship these idols in their home or in shrines. The shrine is owned by its shrinekeeper. They open and close the shrine for people to worship. Shrinekeepers may or may not preach while the person worships Nehushtan.