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  • Nothing big really.

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  • Since you use your first name in your Washingtonism article, I decided to add that name to the List of Religions website on this Wikia. I hope there isn't any problems in doing so.

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  • I want to let you know that Wikipedia actually allows any article on their website, as long as you direct it from your user page. In theory this entire Wikia could be on there. I will show you an example of my own.

    Awhile ago I made an infobox article on my religion, on that site...

    So, as you can see, you can just have your User:[insert name]/[insert article name] work with just about anything you can imagine. I hope you find this information useful.

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    • You didn't do anything correctly. You need to use *their* parameters, not your own, for infobox creation. I tried doing the same thing for my user infobox and it never showed the variables I tried to publish. Anyways, I've done some work and uploaded the data you probably want on that page. I edited the infobox according to their guidelines, uploaded your image of the front picture on your page, and pretty much did an entire copy-and-paste ordeal of the wall of text that is on your Washingtonism page. I hope you like it.

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    • EthanReilly wrote:
      You didn't do anything correctly. You need to use *their* parameters, not your own, for infobox creation. I tried doing the same thing for my user infobox and it never showed the variables I tried to publish. Anyways, I've done some work and uploaded the data you probably want on that page. I edited the infobox according to their guidelines, uploaded your image of the front picture on your page, and pretty much did an entire copy-and-paste ordeal of the wall of text that is on your Washingtonism page. I hope you like it.

      Thank you. As I said before, I am awful at this kind of stuff! LOL 

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  • For a long time, really since I was a teenager I've been trying to find spiritual truth. Since I was a young adult I've been searching for a religion to call home. I know, I've created my own "home" with Exaltism. But I feel as if it doesn't fulfill what my needs are in a religion. I've explored many paths before.

    I was once a Unitarian Universalist, but my frustration with my local church led me to become verbally hostile and now I'm not allow there for the rest of the year. If you want to know the whole story, I was part of a group called Chalice Circles and I felt so out of place there, everybody there was wealthy liberals at least in their thirties. The frustration came from the fact that nobody was willing to drive me to the church in the freezing weather, even when I politely asked.

    Another religion I looked into was the Baha'i Faith. It's funny, if the Baha'i Faith just removed God from the equation and made it all about unity of humankind, that would really tie me over. I joined the religion at one point, read scripture daily, recited prayers, the whole thing. But I felt like I was lying to myself, because while I believe in almost all the beliefs of the faith, I don't believe in the prophet himself. 

    There is a religion that holds my beliefs - Terasem Movement Transreligion. However, they've stopped taking requests to be part of their religion. They've downscaled everything to the point which they have no real structure anymore. I went to their SL handout and nobody was there. I submit applications - nobody approves it. Terasem seems to be aligned with my beliefs much further than any other religion I've come across. 

    I'm afraid that I'll never be able to make Exaltism a "thing" and that I'm cast into spiritual exile for my time here on Earth. My friends have influenced me to go to church with them a few times, and I've gone to church myself a few times too... Christianity really isn't my thing. I can't really force myself to believe in anything without appearing phony. I'm unsure of what to do and could use some guidance. This message is for you, because I feel like you know what you want in religion and you know how to achieve your goals. 

    I wonder if religion can be a, "fake it until you faith it" kind of thing. If that were the case I would try to become a Baha'i again. Baha'i is much closer to Christianity than I would have liked, however. I also don't like the fact that they don't have normal churches or clergy. I own a hardcover scripture, "Gleanings" by Baha'u'llah. 

    When I write my own beliefs down, they appear to be very broad, as if, I could almost literally believe in any religion. They say that the amount of time it takes you to come to a conclusion is the amount of time it takes you to change that same conclusion. I was never brought up in religion, but I've been studying it for over a decade now. No religion had any real appeal to me. It wasn't until I found skepticism that it started to make sense.

    But there's the issue with skeptics - there isn't much community behind that. I know there's organizations like The Sunday Assembly, but I live in Milwaukee and the closest one is in Madison (they just closed the Chicago one). I also don't like the idea of being part of a group because you don't believe in something. That is why I prefer calling myself a humanist or transhumanist over atheist or apatheist. 

    I want to join a spiritual community that allows me to express who I am. Unitarians don't really like to talk about religious things, it seems. All other religions would just be one side trying to convince the other side that, that other side is right. Maybe you've noticed maybe you  haven't but I added two transhumanist religions on this site - the forementioned Terasem Transreligion and now the newer transhumanist religion, the Turing Church. 

    The lack of any kind of sense of community within transhumanist religions is the biggest downside I see to trying to follow that path. The Turing Church has very little structure.  

    Well, what do you think? 

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    • I have also experienced prejudice from some people regarding The American Christ page but thankfully most people are civil and polite. However, some people have been very rude and hateful regarding Washingtonism, to the point of cursing, name-calling, and making assumptions. Thank you for describing your beliefs to me, I understand it better now. I suppose it is a bit odd for someone like me to be more emotional when it comes to religion, considering that I am a science student. I am analytical when it comes to science and math but more emotional when it comes to religion.
      Are you familiar with some of these other religions, for example, Hinduism, Polynesian religion, Native American, Shinto, Roman Paganism, Australian Aboriginal, Norse, Taoism, Celtic, and Buddhism?

      I don't consider most new religious movements to be cults. To me, a cult is a religious group that is like The People's Temple, Heaven's Gate, the Branch Dividians, Order of the Solar Temple, and Aum Shinrikyo. These groups involved violence, which most new religious movements do not have. Most new religious movements are peaceful. I have a book on new religious movements and it refers to new groups as "new religious movements" and "alternative spiritualities" rather than "cults".

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    • I can be more emotional in regards to religion. My strong inclinations towards Baha’u’llah and the Baha’i Faith is a clear testament to that. The logical side won me over though. Unitarian Universalism is typically viewed as a religion for intellectuals, and I was very much into that faith too. I like most of the sermons I’ve listened to, even the ones which they preach politics at the pulpit. My problem with it is that nobody takes it very seriously. I’ve had issues in the past getting to my church and nobody would give a helping hand.

      Oddly enough, my own logical deductions from Exaltism have over time become emotional. I had a dream which technology was being using to harness spiritual energy that does not currently exist. So now I do believe in the possibility of souls existing, albeit sometime in the distinct future. The logical has become the emotional and the emotional has become the logical. My belief in human universal salvation comes from logical predictions of how things may play out in the future. Yes, I am more logical than emotional, but Exaltism caters to both sides now.

      Those religions, in the first paragraph, are not cults. They tend to be more primitive, yes, but I wouldn’t characterize them as “new” movements either. Some have been going through a state of revivalism.  Although typically peaceful I would also say that Scientology is a cult too. In fact, I kind of view many religions, even ones that aren’t cult-y to feel kind of cult-like, except UUism. Religions tell you what to think regarding the big questions and that doesn’t sound good to me. People should be able to answer those questions themselves.

      I’ve had people in the past tried to write off my beliefs as something that I’m not. Recently I joined a Discord channel and they told me to tell them my religion. I said Exaltism, and they rejected it because they didn’t have a label to match it. I told them what I believe and they categorized me as Shinto. I am not Shinto. I do not believe in Kami. I believe that the spiritual aspects people have can be summarized as positive mental energy and that the spatial and spiritual divinity things possess does not summate to a soul – though, again, I believe souls could be created with enough spiritual, and physical, divinity.

      I have spent a long time learning about religions, including all the religions you listed there. I had to basically invent a new religious category – the “religious transhumanists” to define people like me, Martine Rothblatt and Guilio Prisco and his Turing Church. I talked to Prisco and he agreed with me – we are only ten-thousand strong worldwide. It’s hard to build a community of like-minded individuals when there is such a small group of us spread out so much. There’s also the Church of Perpetual Life, which promises its adherents immortality.

      If religious transhumanism, or even transhumanism was a mainstream thing – and it isn’t, yet – then this wouldn’t be an issue. Most people seem to be against things like cloning and RFD chip implants. The most overt Christians will even claim Terasem and religions like it to be part of a “new world order”. Try it. Search “Terasem” on YouTube. That’s what you’ll find.

      I hope you find what you need with Washingtonism, and I hope I find what I need with Exaltism. 

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  • I really like your Washingtonism page. While I would never consider myself a follower, I really like what you did with it. I was so impressed that I added your religion to the list of religions on the site. I don't know your name so I did not put your name in the field provided, but I got down what I thought is reliable information about your religion on there. 

    Also, my religion on here is Exaltism. I think its a pretty unique concept. Maybe you could check it out perhaps? Anyways, I'll do what I can to help, if you need it. Your page looks a little sloppy and I could probably fix it in under an hour.

    Have a good day!

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    • Yes--I definitely want you to include Washingtonism on your religion quiz!! Thank you! I will message you the answers just as soon as I am finished with the quiz!

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    • Consider yourself promoted Ethan.

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