Flag of Laxmism
Divine Feet
Divine Feet of Goddess Laxmi
God/Goddess Goddess Laxmi
Religion Type Monotheistic, with Pagan background
देवी लक्ष्मी हमारे देवी मां है.
English: Goddess Laxmi is our divine mother
Mutual Beliefs Hinduism

Laxmism is a monotheistic sect of Hinduism. As many Hindus practice polytheism, there are some groups of Hindus which practice monotheism or dualism. Laxmist people only worship Divine Mother, and she is the goddess Laxmi. Abrahamic religions accepted Yahweh (Jehovah, Lord, Allah, etc.) as as the monotheistic deity, and Laxmist people only accepted Laxmi as the monotheistic goddess.

Core Beliefs

Goddess Laxmi

Laxmi, or Lakshmi, is the goddess of wealth and power in Hinduism. She is described as the goddess who stands on a lotus. Laxmists declare her as the goddess of all things.

Places of worship

In Laxmism there are no temples. Adherents call upon their goddess anywhere and they believe she answers all soon.

Vada Kiya

The Vada Kiya is said to be a promised person, who will appear in the end of time. Vada Kiya is described as a woman, with the goddess' soul within her. Its said she will appear with a lotus and it will be the evidence of Laxmi's soul.


Conversion is fairly easy. Potential converts just need to say. and if they not able to speak in Hindi, they can just say there's no goddess save Laxmi  After this, they are in the true way of life as Laxmists claim. Laxmists however remind people feet are holy things and not based on sexual fetishes.

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