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Kuqeism is an open source and pantheistic religion. Its followers can also follow other religions and/or modify Kuqeism to their worldview.



Kuqeists believe that god and the universe is the same and that the universe has a conscious but not in the same way that a person does. Kuqeists generally reject the idea that god has to be worshipped or has a large role in society.

Good and evil

Kuqeism teaches that there is pure good and pure evil is theoretically possible but unlikely. Kuqeism instead teaches people are mostly good, mostly bad or in the middle. Kuqeism also teaches that morality as an evolutionary root, as if human society allowed people to kill people, expect in self-defence, or steal from people the human race would probably not survive.

Marriage and other relations

Kuqeism teaches that marriage and relationships are not a religious matter but a personal one.

Holy land or holy city

Kuqeism considers Tarnopol, Saskatchewan to be the closest thing to a holy city but Kuqeism doesn't teach that has to move there, but one can if they chose to. There is no holy land in Kuqeism.


Kuqeism doesn't teach much on the afterlife expect that if it exists, one has to get to the good afterlife by being good not by following a certain religion or praying to a certain god.

Organized religion

Kuqeism doesn't talk about other religions being organized but condemns Kuqeism being organized. Although Kuqeists can meet in unorginized places of worship and/or unoriginized places for religious discussion.


They believe the universe was created by natural forces set in motions after a universe was destroyed. They believe a universe being destroyed the balance of the multiverse.

Kuqeism believes Darwin's evolution is a fact but some of the details may not be correct, as with most scientific theories. They believe that the universe set the natural forces of evolution and some forces that set evolution into motion into motion.

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