Symbol of Extraphysicism

Extraphysicism, also extraphysicalism, is a religion and philosophy that believes that extraphysics is the base of the whole existence, where everything, mainly the physical world, is influenced by the extraphysical world such as the extraphysical world is influenced by the physical world. Extraphysicism believes that the goal of existence is the extraphysical evolution of everything and everyone where everything and everyone will become extraphysical one day, and where mind/consciousness, soul and spirit exist at extraphysical level, such as there are extraphysical life forms and extraphysical beings living on extraphysical level. Extraphysicism also advocates to turn everyone and everything into extraphysical form, materialized or non-materialized, by technology of by spiritual means in other to evolve everyone to the extraphysical level.

Extraphysicism believes that extraphysics has an important role in existence itself, such as on the concepts of extraphysical mechanics/theory, such as extraphysical superposition, extraphysical entanglement, extraphysical mind, extraphysical afterlife, extraphysical energy, bioextraphysics and so on. And that all psychic phenomena, such as mediumship and astral projection happen thanks to the extraphysical mechanics and extraphysics as a whole, and all of the psychic and spiritual phenomena can be explained by extraphysical mechanics and extraphysics.

Extraphysicism also seeks on the development of technology that could enable to turn everyone and everything into extraphysical form, mainly focusing on turn humans into extraphysical form, always focusing on the materialized extraphysical form, that's basically the materialized version of the extraphysical form, and there's also the non-materialized extraphysical form, that's the one that would be like the mind/consciousness, soul and spirit.

Extraphysicism also seeks on the development of the search for extraphysical life forms, that's called deistology, in order to help humanity with its extraphysical evolution and encourage the developent of technologies and research in order to accelerate the extraphysical evolution of humanity itself. Extraphysicism also advocates to turn humans and everyone into highly evolved beings, but focusing on the extraphysical evolution of everyone, for make easier the spiritual and divine evolution of humans and of other beings as well.

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