Divinitarianism is a religion founded by the mystic Ethan Alexander.


The Divine

The Divine is a state of divine purity Divinitarians wish to reach by following The Five Tenants of Truth. Divinitarians believe that the world itself is in a state of The Divine, but because we are seperate from The Divine we view it as a place of suffering. All suffering and all people are actually teachers that bring us closer to The Divine, and even death is viewed as an illusion of pain created because we are outside The Divine. All beings are actual immortal, and experiences where people come in contact with ghosts or apparitions are actually the allegedly dead still alive. Divinitarians believe very much in communication with the dead through meditation.

The Five Tenants of Truth

The Five Tenants of Truth were prophesized by Ethan Alexander as the core principles of the Divinitarians. They are held as the direct words from The Divine.

  1. If you mix the letters of the word Divine, you get the phrase "Dive In." To be part of The Divine you must "Dive In" to the heart of your being.
  2. There is no obstacle in the world, that can not be transformed by The Divine into a stepping stone to getting closer to The Divine.
  3. Every being in the world is both a teacher and a student to you. You can teach them something that brings them closer to The Divine and they can teach you something that brings you closer to The Divine.
  4. The Divine is everything and nothing, in one and in all, the center and the extension.
  5. There is no such thing as Good and Evil people as all people wish to do good, but there are Good and Evil actions that people take. They take Evil action because they believe they are doing Good. They believe it is Good because their pain seperated them from The Divine.
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