Flag of Divinialism

Divinialism, also divinalism and divinicism, is a spiritual and political movement that seeks to turn humans into divine beings, in orther words, highly evolved beings and make humanity look the most as possible with divine beings and to divine (divinial) civilizations. As a religion, divinialism seeks to understand the divine and divinity itself, such as evolve humanity and non-divine beings into divine beings, where the main focus of the life and existence is on the spiritual-divine evolution of everyone, until everyone reach the divine state of existence.

Divinialism believes that the divine is in everyone and in everything, in different levels and forms, like on some people believing, thinking and feeling they are divine, even by themselves or because their strong spiritual connection, or because they are enlightened in their religion, spirituality and beliefs and so on, such as there's the ones who doubt the divine exists who cannot be sure about it's existence or even that the divine do not exist and even try to "kill" it such as "kill" spirituality, religion and so on. This concept inside divinialism is called "people's divinity", mainly when it is refering about people themselves.

Divinialism also believes that it's possible to reach the divine by direct means, such as on science and technology, but for that, it would be necessary the development of concepts such as deistology, technodeism, scientific deism, spiritualicism and similars. Divinialism also advocates when humans start reaching a high level of being by themselves, they will be able to develop those areas and develop the technologies related to them, like the ones that divine beings actually use, but it might take a lot of time, since the sciences and technologies of humans are still so limited for start to become like the divine ones and even develop and research them.

Divinialism also seeks on the development of its own philosophy, that's majoritary inspired on perennialism, divinialism believes it's possible to develop a philosophy based on the divine and on divinity itself, such as the development of the analysis and syntesis of the world based on the divine and on divine outlook of the world.

Divinialism also believes that there are several gods, but there's one God that's The Divine, The Divine is basically the source of everything and he is responsible for the divinity of the all other gods that exist, and not just that, but also for everyone that has divinity inside it. The Divine also has two main sub-divisions besides The Divine itself, The Light of Truth, that's basically the one responsible for the Enlightment of other beings, and The Spirituality, responsible for the all forms of spirituality and spiritual evolution of the beings themselves. They behave similar to a trinity and triunity, but in the end, they are all part of The Divine itself.

Divinialism also believes on the respect of all other forms of spirituality and religions, since they are about help people to evolve spirituality and reach a highly level of being, advocating the main goal of spirituality and religion is the spiritual evolution of the beings and evolving everyone into a high level of being, turning them into highly evolved beings and them into divine beings themselves.

Divinialism also believes that there are several classes based on divinity itself, following the people's divinity concept, but at the same time they are on different levels, like a triangle, they are equal and united, like a circle, where everyone can evolve and become highly evolved beings and even divine beings, whatever the level they actually are, and even having an interpretation that everyone actually are spiritual/divine beings on different levels and one day everyone will reach a high level of being and then finally become in the high level of spiritual/divine being.

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