Cometan (born Brandon Reece Taylor, 1 July, 1998), also spelt as Kometan, is a British autodidactic philosopher and a new religious movement founder credited with solely authoring the Omnidoxy and founding Astronism during his early adulthood.

Cometan experienced and attained an extensive series of personal inspirations from the age of fifteen to twenty-two and it was upon these forms of imaginative revelation that the founding treatise of Astronism was solely written and titled the Omnidoxy (2019). It was after the Astronist religion’s founding that Cometan dedicated his life to disseminating its ideas and beliefs globally for future generations both on and beyond the Earth in the spacefaring culture which he believed would inevitably develop as part of humanity’s destined trajectory. This endeavour was conducted through the religion’s governing Institution which Cometan is also credited with establishing. Cometan sought to interpret the entire physical world and the potential existence of the spiritual world through the scope of The Cosmos, as a whole animate entity with both spiritual, physical, and intellectual capacities.

Born in the City of Preston in the English county of Lancashire on 1st July 1998 as Brandon Reece Taylor, he changed his name to Cometan when he was about eighteen years old to emulate his ancient philosopher and religious heroes, Plato, Confucius, the Buddha, and Socrates.

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