Template:Infobox ReligionThe Church of Ulric is a new religious movement founded in 2012 by St. Aidan in Montreal, Canada.


Members of the Church of Ulric, known as Emardians, believe that the deceased businessman Joseph-Ulric Emard was a prophet. The Montreal borough of Ville-Emard and the micronation of Emardia are named after Joseph-Ulric Emard.

In 2014, St. Aidan found a sacred book hidden in his local library containing the story of Joseph-Ulric Emard and the Realm of Manna.

The Portal

According to the Parentus, the book found by St. Aidan, Emard opened a portal into the Realm of Manna with the gift of the Grandma-Pa Tree.

In the Realm of Manna, there were many grassy hills, and on top of each hill, there was a pile of Manna, a wafer-like food mentioned in the Old Testament. When a piece of Manna was taken from the pile, another one would grow in its place.

When Emard entered the Realm of Manna (or The Realm), he took the manna and brought it back to Earth, and he gave manna to the people of his town.

The Grandma-Pa Tree

The Grandma-Pa Tree is a tree that lies in the very center of The Realm. It is the creator of The Realm, and all the manna in it. The Grandma-Pa Tree is not a god, but a form of divine plant. It has no control over the Earth and it did not create the Earth. However, the Grandma-Pa Tree does send the souls of dead people to The Realm.

When Emard died in 1917, he is believed to have been sent to The Realm by the Grandma-Pa Tree. He is believed by Emardians to sit on a throne in front of the Grandma-Pa Tree to this day.

Emardians believe that in The Realm, it is impossible to throw up, and there is nothing that could make a person throw up. In The Realm, the people can eat as much manna as they want without getting a stomach ache or indigestion.

"In the Realm of Manna, no man shall throw up his food, nor shall his belly ache from the manna he eats." -Parentus, 5:12

The Church

The Church of Ulric is located in the micronation of Emardia, where most Emardians live. Emardia is located in the Montreal Borough of Ville-Emard, named after Joseph-Ulric Emard.

The Church is composed of a shrine containing a picture of Emard and a copy of the Parentus. The Saint of Emardia, which is currently St. Aidan, stands behind the shrine and preaches.

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