The Church of Atem is a religion based around the worship of a deity called Atem. Not much is known about this religion. It has been speculated that this religion worships the Ancient Egyptian deity, Atum.

Philosophy and teachings

They believe Atem ascended into godhood and every follower can achieve godhood as well. A section of "Atem's glory" gives us the information:

It began with the "big bang" as the uneducated call it...on that great day our lord and savior Atem Transcended into godhood, creating the everexpanding universe in a burst of power and energy known only as "The Glow" Atem's glory rushed forward in a sea of flame and radiation, pushing all matter continuously outward creating the world we have today.The Glow is still in all things, silently guiding all beings towards the salvation of Atem's golden halls...Atem the first atom, split, causing the explosion known as the big bang, Atem teaches that every atom can achieve godhood, by splitting and forming another glorious universe, he teaches to welcome the glow and let your body fuel the creation of infinite new universes as he once did long long ago..."Children, allow Atem to take your ravaged bodies and create infinite glorious universes", Atem teaches that if one follows the glow they will always make it to his side..."Drink the waters of the glow, and let your soul be led to salvation in the golden halls of Atem's glory"
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