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In the Church of Armentine the Great, worship is considered the central act of Armentinian identity, the purpose of which is to give honor or worth to Armentine.

Armentine's Prayer

The psalm known as Armentine's Prayer, which appears to be of the Almighty's own design, appears in the Gospel the Pers' Book of Salus, in which it is presented to the prophet Eoi, or Beli, as a way for remorseful killers to seek salvation. For most minor sins less than murder, it is much more common to pray to the Herbonii, especially Per Dierich the Herbonii, who washes away mankind's sins, and is mentioned in the prayer itself, though Armentine's Prayer has become popular saying among many followers of the Church.

Our Creator who art in the Void,

Blessed be thy acts.

Thy word come.

Thy will be done, as in your lands, so in ours.

Give us day by day our daily needs.

And forgive us our sins, as Dierich does.

And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil.

Borogroves. Brandersnatch. Mome.

It is your will,

So be it.

Dierich's Song

The earliest poetry to appear in the Gospel was a song by Per Dierich performed in the Book of Pia, which He also wrote, explaining how He can erase one's sins through prayer:

Above the earth and in the Void,

There are beasts you'd best avoid,

Beware of Klahr when She spreads Her strife,

For She may steal your afterlife.

Yet there is a way, ye wandering one,
Gospel excerpt

A part of the Gospel of the Pers, that shows the Almighty's name.

To avoid the fate from being done,

To repent of your sins, but pray to me,

For I am the Elder, who controls ye.

I shall cleanse you alright,

In the eyes of Our Might,

And ensure your eternal self,

And make sure you dwell, on the Almighty's shelf.

The woman mentioned in the Song of Dierich, Klahr, who "spreads Her strife" and "may steal your afterlife", is the leader of the Dreshii, who are sinful devils, who rebelled against the One. While most Dreshii were created by the Almighty, who in turn created mankind, Klahr emerged from the Void in the same manner the One did, and about the same time, and established her own colony of unholy humans, that eventually had to mate with the holy ones, polluting mankind's bloodstream.

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