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Celestials - Afterlife

Creation Story

Celestialism is a polytheistic religion founded by Igor Kentiov. The religion was founded after he kept being contacted by a people in his dreams called the "Celestials" or people dwelling in heaven. 

Philosophy and teachings


Celestialism is a polytheistic religion with 10 deities within its pantheon of gods and goddesses. The deities within the celestial pantheon are:

  1. Naror - The god of magic who has ivory skin and shoulder lenght dark red hair.
  2. Thelu - The goddess of destruction and lust whose often described as blindingly beautiful with ivory skin and short light brown hair. Her eyes are the colour of fallen leaves and she's also described as often being angry. Thelu sually wears little clothing dyed white and green. She is also associated with passion, pity and torment. 
  3. Sha - The goddess of love who has tan skin and is beautiful. She is depicted as having flowing white hair and eyes the colour of tree bark. She has a faraway expression and usually wears little clothing.
  4. Ideus- The god of the air and sky. He has long rippling golden hair and eyes the color of amethyst, usually wears a hooded cloak dyed dark gold and blue green. Ideus is also associated with weather.
  5. Taxer- The god of marriage and light. He has tanned skin with wavy black hair and eyes the colour of golden sand. He wears poor clothing dyed dark red and silver.
  6. Lyurro- The god of darkness, vengance whose said to be handsome, with tanned skin short black hair. He wears leather armor and is know to fight with Taxer.
  7. Oraiterao- The god of nature and mysteries. He's depicted as having curly dark brown hair and eyes the color of lightning bolts. He wears simple robes dyed blue-violet and tan. He is often assoicated with daydreams.
  8. Allani- The goddess of the sea, the moon and knowlage. She is very beautiful with long blonde hair. Her eyes are a very bright blue and wears a white and blue robe.
  9. Valindra- The goddess of fire and the sun. She's said to have long brown hair with dark lava red eyes. She usually wears chest and geg armor. Associated with blacksmithing. Sister to Ethra.
  10. Ethra- The goddess of creation. She is said to be divinely and blindingly beautiful, with blonde hair, emerald green eyes and usualy wears a white robe. Also associated with life, light, and happiness.


According to their beliefs one is sure about the afterlife or an underworld. Some believe that they go to a utopia and dwell there but others think differently.

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