buisnessism is a religion to explain how hilarious religions are, it believes that the world and life was created by businesses,

basic concepts

a long time ago, they're were people, everyday people, however, they're was no way to create more of them, so, someone created the universe, a place to store information, project ideas, somebody would invest millions in this, these investors, are called supernatural investors, and would trade on the supernatural stock exchange, or SSE, a bunch of investors put their money on something called earth, as it's primary purpose were to give businesses a way of creating physical, living life, then they decided intellegence would be a universal currency

the black death

the black death was created when buisnesses lost investors and didn't have a way to make money, people lost intellegence and they used a kill switch, humanity forced itself to get intelligent and ultimatly the money came pooring back in

1760-1870 boom

the industrial revolution, humans got intelligence boomed, which if intelligence is currency, that would also mean homospecies inc. the company that made it, was booming too, investors started pooring in hoping to make money before it ended

1870-1900 crash

the human intelligence in this period would come crashing down, and a lot of people during this age thought they were the smartest person alive, which is a typical trait of idiots

1900-1930 rise

a lot of revelutionary inventions came in, essentially making the market rise along with it

1930-1939 crash

humans created the feedback loop which caused the great depression, where they grew distrust in their currency, which would cause everything around them to become valueless, a process called deflation, and lose even more trust in it, it was easy to know what was causing the situation, and how to stop it, but we blamed the banks

1940-2007 rise

technology is about to grow crazy! I'm pretty sure we established that intelligence is currency


the conspiracy theory boom, most conspiracy theories can be easily disproven, but in 2019 it was obvious that nobody was getting more intelligent soon, so in December they created a virus, not that deadly, but it was infectious, they didn't do much humanity they would get more intelligent or stay the same, when they got stupider, they decided, extinction ball! however, like we discussed the black death, getting more intelligent might be a way to for businesses to cancel extinction bombs, so we have to help businesses by getting more intelligent, so they keep getting money

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