Astronism, also referred to as Astrosophy, or the religion of the stars, is a 21st century Astronic cosmocentric religion or philosophy with 4.27 million followers as of 2020. Astronism was founded on the notion that existential purpose as well as feelings derived from traditional religious ideas (like God, the afterlife, or a spirit realm) can equally be derived from The Cosmos (or space, the stars etc.).

This introduces the concept of "astrospirituality"; that is, the stars considered as the source to finding meaning and comfort in one's life. As well as this, thinking of The Cosmos in this way is considered to provide a path to achieving higher states of consciousness and refined mentalities through intellectual, philosophical, spiritual and physical explorations of outer space.

Astronism can be considered as largely non-theistic in its theological orientation given that although it does consist of its own theology, this is markedly not given a central role in its belief system as it instead opts for a cosmocentric outlook. This theological orientation or "theological neutrality" may be understood as a reaction of Astronism to the time and place in which it was founded. This perhaps also alludes as to why Astronism has attracted atheist as well as "spiritual by not religious" followers.

The founding book of the religion or philosophy is called the Omnidoxy, a philosophical treatise which is considered to have been authored solely by Cometan through an extensive series of personal inspirations that lead to the text’s substantial size and complexity. Astronism is also based on the logical justification of faith in cosmic progeny as animate spiritual entities which humans can observe and devote themselves to in order to improve the strength and proximity of their relationship to and knowledge of The Cosmos.

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