Not to be confused with Arianism, taught by Arius of Alexandria.

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Trinity - Perfection

Arianism, also known as the Arian Church, is a sect of Christianity


The main beliefs of Arianism are:

  1. The essence of the Trinity could be perceived by the carnal senses.
  2. The Threefold God transformed himself into a single hypostasis in order to unite with the souls of the perfect.
  3. God has taken different forms in order to reveal himself to the senses.
  4. Only such sensible revelations of God confer perfection upon the Christian.
  5. The state of perfection, freedom from the world and passion, is therefore attained solely by prayer, not through the church, baptism and or any of the sacraments, which have no effect on the passions or the influence of evil on the soul. 
  6. Go forth, explore and expand into space, multiply, colonize and prosper.  

Three Classes

Aside from the main beliefs the Arian Church believes in three class of men and three corresponding churches:

  1. Material (the Bound) -- the heathen chiefly captive under the dominion of matter.
  2. Psychic (the Called) -- ordinary Christians.
  3. Spiritual (the Elect) -- out of the many called, the few chosen members of the Arianism sect.

Places of worship

The Arian Church's place/house of worship is called a Sept. Septs have seven walls, with each wall representing the Seven Archangels (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Chamuel, Jophiel, and Zadkiel).


The priesthood of Arianism is comprised of prophets, apostoles, high priests, bishops, patriarchs, elders, priests, teachers, and deacons. As with most liberal congregations, this branch of Christianity allows women to hold the priesthood.


The Arian Church celebrates traditional Christian holidays such as Candlemas, Easter, and Christmas.


The Arian Church supports traditional marriage (between a man and a woman).

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