Aniuism, or Anubism, is a polytheistic religion revolving around the Wolf-God and Goddess Aniu and Aleea. And the five Undergods, Thakis, Scotte, Nijax, Jakob, and Kaltaga. And the 4 Kings, Anubis, Adrijak, Danne, and Trekas.

Short Creation Theory

The Tract of Aniu states that the head god Aniu created the world 500 Trillion years ago with the help of his 5 Undergods, Thakis, God of Water; Scotte, God of the Planets; Nijax, God of the Elements; Jakob, God of the Moons, and Kaltaga, God of Galaxies. Aniu himself is the overall Creator of the universe, and is represented by the Universe itself. God created the plants and animals, he first created the Wolves, Fish, Bears, Birds, and Reptiles. For about a thousand years, new generations of animals came and gone, but since the universe was starting to settle down, the star Sol (our Sun) was cooling down, and caused the planet Terra (the Earth) would cool. When the effects of the cooling started, the reptiles started to die off, however, the mammals survived the Ice Age Period. After the Ice Age, the surviving creatures evolved, and evolved until some of the wolves evolved into humans. The humans at first had the body of human, and a head and legs of wolf, another billion years and they evolved into the humans we know today.

The Kings

There are also Kings in Aniuism; Anubis, the Jackal King of Death. He is feared, and may be thought as evil, he is the one who passes souls over to the spirit world, he carries a large pole with a pentacle on it, he has black hair and wears a gray cloak. He roams around with spirits whereever present.

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