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Alata Faith
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Book of Holiness

God - Suffering - Universal Law

The Alata Faith is a transtheistic religion which teaches a collective and individualistic path to "enlightened non-violence." They believe world religion teachers were all spiritually inspired people of the world.

Philosophy and teachings

The religion believes in a absent but transcendent force. They believe this force has been called God and Ultimate Reality for centuries; people are invited to lead an independent search on what this reality is.

Adherents are required to lead their lives on moderation, intelligence, gentleness, and as if their morals were to become universal law. Its also believed all people are teachers that bring one closer to understanding the transcendent force.

Religious codes

  1. Freedom is God-given
  2. Respect is the first step towards humanity
  3. Chaos is survival of the strongest
  4. Order is the duty of mankind
  5. Power without restriction is the path to destruction
  6. Fear is the path to the dark side
  7. Corruption is one of the greatest sin of mankind
  8. Love is perfect sympathy towards one or all living beings
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