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Ahriman - Magick - Apotheosis

Ahrimanianism is a new religious movement centered on creating a new self. Adherents believe in destroying their weaknesses to create new strengths.

Basic Beliefs

Ahrimanians belive in using black magick to destroy their enemies.

Ahriman, the mind, consciousness, and subconcious, are all seen as personal forces rather than physical or spiritual beings. They do however belive that though Ahriman is a force, it is a self-aware force.

They hold the beginning of the world as a mystery, yet some believe in the big bang, a creator deity, or the belief that the universe is an illusion. Individuals are encouraged to have their own beliefs.

The afterlife is seen as a personal venture.

Ahrimanians believe in apotheosis, or their ability to become gods and goddesses. They hold that in order to do so, they must metaphorically destroy themselves to create a new self.

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